Episode 7: Will The Real Merge Shady Please Stand Up

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Episode 7: Will The Real Merge Shady Please Stand Up Empty Episode 7: Will The Real Merge Shady Please Stand Up

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Sun May 15, 2016 9:29 am

Merged Tribe:
mrduckbear XXX
Oxymoxanne XX
DDtea X
realitytvfreak XXX
CindyfanXO XXX
MsSandraKW X
bria2005 X
Iraheto XXXX
Angel again????

Ok, so here is the merged group (assuming Angel is coming back). I see the X's are for votes cast against. Love that I have a clean slate of perfection. Let's organize these peeps in the groups they are working within so I can assess the proper strategy.

Aslut Alliance = Javi, Harley, Bria, Sandra, Tara, Angel & Arik. (I kinda see Arik as a wildcard though, probably will try to play both sides)

Hangout Alliance = Agent, Shred, Oxy

BOOM (ie. fan fav's) = ME, Kevin, duck, RTF? (we recently lost Devon, and are considering adding rtf to that empty spot)

Ok, so when I spread it all out like that, it isn't as pretty a picture as I'd hoped. Aslut has half the numbers, if Angel is actually coming back. I haven't really cared enough to follow the straw poll nonsense, but I did see posts about another case of controversy, complaining and maybe "plan B." So I will wait to find out who is actually coming back before I proceed. If it is Merriska, I will have my work cut out for me to eliminate an Aslut first, so I can get control of the numbers. If Aslut has the majority, I may have to stick with them and re-manage my inner alliance numbers. Ideally, the boom alliance and the hangout would be able to take control at this point, but the returning player will determine how that goes.

Either way, I am somewhat covered, but I would prefer the lazier route at this point. Who can blame me?

Ok, bye.


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