Episode 8: Runaway Jury

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Episode 8: Runaway Jury Empty Episode 8: Runaway Jury

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Mon May 16, 2016 12:07 pm

Well, at least I made jury. I was all set up to take control even with Merriska returning after just being voted out. But another 2 people (Garrett, Dillon) coming in also was too much to overcome. I'm not complaining, just sometimes luck or twists don't go in your favor.

I think I almost convinced Javi and Tara to split their votes so we could have the majority 7, plus I thought Agent was playing an idol, but I guess he bluffed that one. Asluts haven't lost a member all game and they got an extra one when the sock split in two, so what can ya do?

I took my best shot at the one time when it mattered. It was either win or go home. Now we have 6 predictable votes in a row until we get to witness the excitement of Aslut turning on each other. My predictions: Tara voted out early by them for obvious reasons. Then probably the returning players because they are just playing as numbers and "don't care about winning."

Javi has some good friends in that group, and Harley is a boss at keeping people with him. So although they barely had to overcome anything, they did enough to earn this win. I hope they at least battle each other in the end so I can be entertained.

The one positive about this position, much like in that last game I played with our glorious host, is I don't have to do anything now. I just sit here. If someone makes a move, I jump. If they don't well then they don't know how to win.

Harley vs. Javi. Who will win? My money is on Harley.


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