Episode 10: I Have A Guardian Angel, And It A'int Merriska

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Episode 10: I Have A Guardian Angel, And It A'int Merriska Empty Episode 10: I Have A Guardian Angel, And It A'int Merriska

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Tue May 17, 2016 11:20 am

First of all, thank you for the EPISODE TITLE. That gave me a big smile.


Most of the time I am quick to highlight my brilliance when it comes to strategy, but that was sheer luck. We thought we could force a tie on Tara if someone threw a vote or forgot to vote and thought she would be the one to beat in a tiebreaker challenge. Little did we know she would be the one to penalty. What a crappy way to go.

This outcome has the potential to do two things: either it causes them to get nervous and more vigilant in their solidarity, or perhaps we just knocked out a person someone was counting on when it came down to the end.

I have to run with the 2nd option if I am going to change up the game. I know that Arik has always been keen on Tara. And from my brief talks with Tara yesterday, I was able to pick up that she felt most indebted to Harley in the game. Ergo, Harley, Arik and Tara were probably a F3. This makes sense, because I know Javi has Merriska and Bria with him. So now, I have to try to get to Harley. I will explain to him what I know about his alliances dynamics - which hopefully impresses (or scares) him - then I will explain to him how Javi has those 2 girls AND Garrett is his bff.

Harley can even confirm this info with other sources if he doesn't believe me and thinks I am simply making a move, which I am. The info out there aligns with my words, which should provide for a healthy seed to get him thinking.

I am hoping I can infiltrate myself into that spot recently vacated by Tara, and get back into Harley's good graces. I can explain how I am a better option than Dillon for a couple reasons. One, Dillon is on a vacation and might screw up a vote for them. Two, Dillon is unpredictable (haha so am I, I know but shhhhh) and great friends with Kevin Ddtea, and maybe that will worry Harley.

I'll judge Harley's reactions and say what needs to be said to - in the best case get me into his alliance - or in the worst case prolong my stay in the game until a point I can be the swing vote for the Aslut breakdown.

As you can see, this tribal gave me some new life. I actually see a sliver of hope on the horizon. Now I have to play perfectly to capitalize on this small disturbance in the force.

Ok, bye!


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