Episode 11: Don't Poke The Bear

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Episode 11: Don't Poke The Bear Empty Episode 11: Don't Poke The Bear

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Wed May 18, 2016 10:14 am

Just lol'ing at the convenience of my E10 title. Bye for the 2nd time! Time to get back to business. I was correct in thinking that by poking the bear (Javi) during the challenge, I would get them to target me in a hormone-induced quest for blood. Harley tried to play me last night before he left for bed also. I saw through it. He pretended he would protect me for a couple votes and then proceeded to stab me hard. And, as predicted, as soon as the blindside came in, he was the first person doing damage control - sly little minx. He is definitely a little rattled now, posting publicly about his idol. Don't worry - nobody forgot about that little trinket.

I will see what he has to offer in terms of deals later, but right now I might have the numbers. I may have poked the panda bear Javi, but they poked the Mama Grizzly by giving me my first 6 votes of the game. You gonna break my clean vote streak, you gonna pay.

I have a pretty sweet plan for tonight involving a truck-load of deception. It will require a group effort on the part of my boys, but I think we can pull it off if I give them lots of details. I plan on flushing both those idols out soon. Harley's and Bria's. Oh, didn't think I knew you had another? Well just keep underestimating me. I love to bathe in the juices of your throbbing ego-soup.

Bria is still trying to play the spy for her alliance. I tipped all my boys off long ago, so she can keep trying, but it's merely entertainment for us at this point. My impression of Bria (in the voice of a southern woman):

Oh deary me, I am so confused about this game. My lord I am so worried about my safety. Am I in danger do you think? AM I? My heavens will somebody please think of the children!

So yeah, with Tara and Angel walking out the door, somebody over there is losing allies fast. Judging by Harley's reaction, this one stung a lot more than Tara. Now all he has is Arik. And I already got him worried about Javi having sway over Garrett and Bria. So maybe the seed has grown into a little sycamore root, and will force him to reassess his whole plan. I am going to listen to what he has to say and subtly hint that I think Javi and Bria were the ones who targeted me, and if he will help me get them out, I may throw him a bone.

But really, the plan is to utilize Oxy's, shred's and Kev's connections with Dillon and Garrett to take this game by the jugular. We can send out just the right amount of doubt to get those idols raining. After they are gone, we can start focusing on the end game and the boot order. I'd love to win immunity one of these days too. It's good for the resume.

Ok, bye!

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Episode 11: Don't Poke The Bear Empty Re: Episode 11: Don't Poke The Bear

Post by Admin on Wed May 18, 2016 10:49 am

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you


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