Episode 12: The Plan

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Episode 12: The Plan Empty Episode 12: The Plan

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Sat May 21, 2016 9:24 am

This has been a long, suspenseful wait for Tyler to arise from his beauty sleep. We had a 24 hour voting period this time, but there are idols in play. Here is what we came up with:

1. We instructed Dillon to vote Bria, with hopes that he might tip them off to play an idol on her. Sure, he was with us in the Merriska vote, but he had selfish motivations for that one. There is no guarantee he wouldn't flip back-and-forth to ride the middle between two rival groups.

2. The 6 (Oxy, Shred, Myself, Ddtea, Duck, Rtf) voted Javi. We felt like convo's Oxy had with Harley recently will make Harley realize he is not the vote, thus it will be unlikely he plays an idol on himself. If he does, out of paranoia, then great. I am hoping he plays it on himself or Arik. If Dillon is upset that we voted differently than him, Kevin plans on telling him that we changed it last minute, and we couldn't get word to him in time due to his vacation.

3. Shred talked with Bria to further increase her paranoia that she could be the target. This will hopefully put her over the top in nervousness and flush her idol.

The goal is to flush 2 idols AND send Javi out. That would be if everything goes off without even the slightest hitch. If there is a small hiccup, hopefully it will just be 1 idol played incorrectly, but Javi still going out. If there is a large hiccup, we might see no idols played but Javi still going out. If there is a disaster of epic proportions, we will see an idol played on Javi, and who knows going out. Or Dillon might vote with them and screw everything up.

I have relied on luck in a previous vote and a flipper in another. This time I calculated everything to the smallest details. Here's hoping the fruits of my labor pay off.

Ok, bye.


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Episode 12: The Plan Empty Re: Episode 12: The Plan

Post by Iraheto on Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:37 am

I love this plan. It was a fun cat and mouse game we had here.


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