Episode 13: Duck, Duck, Goose

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Episode 13: Duck, Duck, Goose Empty Episode 13: Duck, Duck, Goose

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Sun May 22, 2016 9:34 am

Well that was unfortunate. I knew Dillon would flip back and tell them the vote, but I was hoping he would still "keep up appearances" and cast the vote on Bria. The plan was well-executed, since Bria played her 2nd idol of the game, and for the second time wasted it. She has such a strong case for FTC with Harley & Javi. EYEROLL.

Poor duckman. It would have been nice to see a loyal, unassuming guy like that defy the odds and make it far. Also, I hope the negative karma of the other alliance constantly crapping on duck and rtf will come back around to bite them.

As of right now, things don't look good for me. Harley and Javi have things locked up. Kevin wasn't good enough at convincing Dillon that we would go F3 with him, so now we have lost him. Couple that with the fact that we fooled him on the vote, and I would be hard pressed to imagine we can get him to flip back. I won't rule it out completely, since it seems like the only option at this point. Garrett is a lost cause. Even though he is great friends with Oxy, Shred & Kevin, he seems like he is loyal first-and-foremost to Javi, for whatever reason. Some people just choose an admirer and never relent, I guess. It would be nice if people can be astute enough to realize when they have done nothing and will get zero votes, but Garrett and Bria seem to miss the big picture on that.

Let's just say it right here, since it might not fall on deaf ears like in the game. No one in that alliance can beat Javi or Harley in the FTC. No idea what Arik is doing, since he promised me he was playing to win. Right now, it looks like he is in denial. Bria and Garrett have zero chance for a single vote. Dillon won't even make it past F6 at his trajectory, so it won't matter whether he can get votes or not.

When you sit back and think: we came into merge down in numbers, against 2 idols and a double vote. Yet we still sit here at F11 only down one number. Even if we get picked off from here on in, which is extremely likely, I am still very proud of how I played. I didn't mislead or lie to anyone in my real alliance. I stuck my neck out for my allies. I fought hard. I pulled some brilliant moves to flush idols and pull off some lucky votes. And I worked with people who I have never worked with before. I kinda reinvented myself in a lot of ways, and the same cannot be said for some of the other players, who are all resorting to the friendship mentality once again. Just help your friends, play as a goat and don't even bother playing to win. Credo of IMDb games.

Lastly, I like that I have increased odds to win immunity this round. It is probably delaying the inevitable - even if I am able to win one of the three - but maybe it will be the one thing that turns the game in my favor once again. I have no reason to believe that can happen right now, but I will be waiting for the opportunity, if it arises.

Ok, bye.


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