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Post by Corduroy Deadite on Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:11 pm I am....again....

I've reconnected with Shred and bria.

I've sent messages to other players and, 40 private messages later, I'm already exhausted.

Tom is going to be the biggest threat in this game. But, he seems cool, is that all a part of his facade?

Anyway, my game has always been about creating an early alliance and staying true to that alliance. And yes, there is a hierarchy.

1) Shred
2) bria
3) celestic bliss (even though she has not responded to my lone message yet, but I've played with her before and she has always proven to be loyal and she's just a damn good person....of course that's assuming she hasn't changed in the last 6 to 7 years.

Then there is a gap. Who knows which person will claim the fourth spot?

AgentZero said he wanted to work with me. I'm open to it. But....I recall him being a bit of a douche. But people change, 7 years ago I was drunken mess of a turn and I've changed, so who knows? I'm willing to give him a chance.

Braccosaurus seems cool, but who knows? But there's definitely a rapport there.

I've sent a message to Angel of Purgatory, I get a good vibe from her.

Charchar.....I don't like him/her. Not the greatest attitude. I know it's a persona (because if that's how they really are,, they may need some meds), but I don't dig negativity.

SpanielK...grandmother who recently lost her husband. Am I so cynical and jaded that I have a twinge of doubt in the veracity of her backstory? I'm totally giving her the benefit of that doubt because no one is that twisted to create that story for an online Survivor game.

Sour, I don't know what it is, there's no connection or rapport there.

Anyway, the tribes were announced and Tom, Bracco, Spaniel and sour are on opposite tribes.

Agent Zero might be my best bet for right now....but my options are open....

And I have an advantage.

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Post by Corduroy Deadite on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:30 pm

Okay, so first of in the world did I get stuck on a tribe with that incessant pottymouth, CharChar Binks?

Sooooooooooooo negative and annoying.

Anyways.....where is my tribe? Only Agent and I are on the site!

No response from CelesticBliss yet. I'm hoping!

So here's where I'm at......

Agent Zero has offered an alliance, but according to Angel of Purgatory, Agent wasn't very nice to her back in the day. That is cause for concern. But then again, doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? Should I not give him the benefit of the doubt? People change, right? I have.

At least that was my thinking before Shred (whom I think I have shared almost everything with thus far) told me Agent plays to win. Agent has dropped to number five or six.

Shred remains as my number one ally.

Bria stays as my number two ally (even though I may need to mislead her into thinking she is number one).

CelesticBliss is barely holding on at number three even though I have not spoken to her.

Angel of Purgatory is at the four spot and possibly rising. She offered up an alliance with her and bria. I had to tell her that I'm cool with it assuming bria holds no grudges against after my bitter jury statement during Survivor IMDB 60. No sense in showing her all my cards.

I'm going back and forth on five and six.....on one hand, Braccosaurus seems pretty solid, but being on separate tribes concern me and no one knows anything about him or his game (so I assume). On the other hand, Agent did approach me with an alliance first.

Speaking of Bracco, when asked who he/she could trust, I told him/her to try Tom or Shred.

Tom, ol' Tom is number seven. He could jump a couple of spots but everything in my gut tells me he's the one beat in this game and to keep my cards close to the vest.

It occurs to me there are 24 people playing. FLICK!!!!

Well, at least I have an idol that can be played up and including the Final Five. I wonder if Shred and Bria also have one....

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Post by Corduroy Deadite on Sun May 01, 2016 9:57 pm

So, we have lost the challenge. I've expressed interest in working with CelesticBliss/Willow, she seemed receptive but I have not had the chance to fill her in on what I've been doing.

Instead, the conversation turned to the vote. On one hand, revansco has been inactive, on the other hand CharChar is CharChar. On one hand, the logical move is to vote out the inactive player. On the other hand, voting out CharChar would eliminate some negative energy from the game.

The consensus is to vote out revansco.

I don't feel super stoked about it, if she had registered to the site, maybe the vote would be different.

What concerns me is how little people have strategized with me after losing. Is it that easy? Or am I missing something? What's going on behind the scenes? Who's talking to who? What are they saying? What and who are they talking about? I highly doubt they're gossiping about the latest antics of the Kardashians.

I feel relatively safe on this vote and I have no intentions of using my idol this early.

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