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Thoughts on my tribe Empty Thoughts on my tribe

Post by Iraheto on Mon May 02, 2016 1:04 pm

Tara - Love her and I trust her with important information. I've been friends with Tara for years so it was natural that I asked her for an alliance when the cast was revealed. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of my tribe.

RTF - ugh, I screwed RTF over in the last game we played together. I've tried talking to him but he's gonna hold a grudge. Harley already told me RTF is trying to make an alliance with him, Arik & Bria. They might take a shot at me.

Bria - This girl is so sketchy. She's nice in PMs but I know she was probably going for the temptations last night when she wouldn't post on the thread and pretended to be on a phone call. Eyeroll. She's talking to almost everyone on the tribe and that's concern. She made an alliance with me but Tara, Sandra, RTF & Harley also talk to her, I'm assuming Arik does too.

Harley - I've never played with him before but to his credit he's gaining my trust with all the information he's telling me. I still don't trust him but there's not much I can do at this point.

Sandra - The obvious sockpuppet. She claims she has all her grandkids helping her register for shit and isn't tech savvy yet she beasted at the competition. Plus her name is similar to DanielB224, that cannot be coincidence. Twist maybe?

Arik - We're not in the best of terms right now so I'm willing to say he will take a shot at me first time we go to tribal.

Fake Cherry - I tried messaging this guy and he completely ignored me. lol

Overall: I'm definitely trying to play the game but my reputation and bad blood with players will be the death of me. I'm not in a majority alliance and the fact other players are making alliances that do not include me is dangerous for me.


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