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Episode 3: *Post Deleted* Empty Episode 3: *Post Deleted*

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Fri May 06, 2016 9:32 am

I'm back for some more comments and insights into this crazy game. Our most recent tribal council started off with some early stress and panic but eventually worked out in favor of team unity. With Jaclyn's idol blindside the previous time, no one wanted to put their own neck on the line this time around. There was some discussion of maybe keeping Jaclyn, but when that avenue was explored, the tribe started to fracture into all kinds of private convo's. Eventually, people realized that only a Jaclyn vote would unify the tribe. To be safe about any idol play, Oxy and Shred put two votes on duck, and Jaclyn must have voted duck as well. The final vote was 4-3, with Jaclyn leaving after giving people one more pee-inducing moment where she played a "sycamore idol."

On the Farns tribe, Jwise (another idol player) was voted out. It seems both tribes went for the same course of action, eliminating the people who caused the most chaos last time. After those two votes, we all prepared for an endurance competition. I was looking forward to that, because there would be swap outs allowed. BOOM got organized and decided on an order. Duck went first for an hour. I went for an hour-and-a-half after that. Then Shred swapped in for me. He was prepared to go for awhile, but then controversy reared its hideous head.

Someone on Slut tribe (most people are convinced Sandra) made a double post, quickly deleted it and then denied ever doing it. In retrospect, it seemed too easy for a dishonest person to manipulate that double-posting rule but simply deleting. Unless someone was so on the ball to capture a screen shot in that split second, there would be no way to prove who was the cheater. Therefore, hours of coordinated effort by tribes was ruined by someone who doesn't play fair. Thus is life.

I imagine hosts were inundated with oodles of lovely complaints in their inboxes. The decision was made to redo a challenge - this time it would be flag making. Devon stepped up, saying he had some Photoshop skills. We helped him with some ideas for keeping the flag simple yet efficient. Our calculations were correct, and we impressed all the judges with our cute little bomber men. <3 Now we get to avoid tribal, which is great since our tribe is really coming together in terms of cooperation. Of course Slutbags remained undefeated. Farns will have to vote out one of their 5 now, bringing them to 4. We have 6. Sluts still have 8. Final 18 could bring a change to the game, but I'm not going to assume anything. I'll wait until that happens before I start working new strategies.

Right now I am quite content with how BOOM is working together. I feel we have a nice camaraderie alive and well. BOOM seems like a group that can go a long distance in this game. It will be interesting to see if people will want to gang up on the sluts when a shakeup occurs, or if some other dynamic will trump that. Exciting times ahead I'm sure.

Ok, bye.

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Episode 3: *Post Deleted* Empty Re: Episode 3: *Post Deleted*

Post by Admin on Fri May 06, 2016 1:57 pm

Love your opinion on the double post. Basically how I feel about it as well. But yeah such is life. I was just like reallllyyyyyy. grrr.

I posted somethin for ya guys to do while we wait for tribal/Mother's Day.

Have a good day, sir.


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