Episode 4: Take Me To Your Leader

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Episode 4: Take Me To Your Leader Empty Episode 4: Take Me To Your Leader

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Sun May 08, 2016 8:02 am

For the flag-making challenge, I spoke with Devon about some strategy beforehand. He said he had some experience with Photoshop, so he would spearhead the design. When we talked with the larger group, duckbear actually suggested the BOMB theme for tribe BOOM. That little idea ended up being the deciding factor in us winning that challenge. Good work folks!

The hosts decided to stir up some trouble over the weekend, making us fill out a survey ranking the worth of our tribe mates. Personally, I don't think anyone on BOOM will care too much, since I don't know how surprising the results are or whether people filled them out honestly. Agent and Harley are probably having to do a little side-stepping or damage control to get out of the spotlight now. Nobody wants to be seen as the leader this early in the game. No siree. The other tribes may be a little more surprised by their results, but BOOM is going to march on as usual. Chalk it up to good leadership. Wink

The anticipation now is what will the extended challenge be for Mother's Day tonight. Scattergories would be fun. I'm ready for another big week in the game, with a swap/merge likely sometime in the next bunch of days. Time to get back to work!


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