New Tribe "Don't PM Javi he is Satan"

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New Tribe "Don't PM Javi he is Satan" Empty New Tribe "Don't PM Javi he is Satan"

Post by Iraheto on Mon May 09, 2016 6:57 pm

Tribe Farns is cursed and they're sending us to tribal council with their bad luck. I was extremely furious with this comp cause at the beginning it was only people from my tribe bidding. After Harley & Arik bid 500 for their prizes I pretty much said fuck it midway through the comp and all i won was ... a lousy letter from home. -____- Why does this shit happen to me?

I'm off to my first tribal of the season and as always assume I'm going but in a game like this where theres powers left and right it seems hopeless to even try to make alliances. Someone WILL be blindsided tonight, its either going to be the person I vote for, me or one of my allies. Can't do much about it. I thought Turner and I could try to put our differences aside and work together but he's talking to Merriska and apparently he told her the vote is Shred or someone and said "Don't PM Javi he is Satan" which I thought was hilarious. Rant: he's such a fucking moron I hate seeing his ass in literally every game going on these days. He needs to take a damn break and maybe experience the outside a little more. I'll gladly give him a reason to call me Satan though and its gonna come eventually.

So the vote tonight between my alliance was between Kyndall and Turner and of course everyone went for Kyndall cause they know Turner and I will go after each other. This is why its better to put your differences aside and work with someone you don't like but unfortunately theres not enough brain cells in Turners head to comprehend that.

If Shred plays his idol then its gonna be me going. It wont be Arik cause Shred & Turner like Arik, so I've made peace with it but I will certainly not leave quietly.


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