Episode 1: Boom Shuckalucka

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Episode 1: Boom Shuckalucka Empty Episode 1: Boom Shuckalucka

Post by tom_delonge_ava on Sun May 01, 2016 1:50 pm


I'm pretty satisfied about my tribe members. There is no one that I am particularly repulsed by, which is good. In fact, there is a natural group that seems to be forming. In large games like this, you have to give yourself as many options as possible. There could be twists, swaps, merges. Ya just never know. I have been putting in some leg-work so far, making sure I am covered in many areas.

I have one main ally, who I trust on each of the other tribes. That way, if I end up with one of those groups for some reason, I have someone I can jump to for immediate security. I know people will bond pretty hardcore with their own tribes, but I will try to keep in touch with some people so they don't forget about me.

My own tribe is quite fun. I am really enjoying reconnecting with shred and Oxy. It's been ages since I have been around either of those guys. They are both the ideal kind of ally for me, since I enjoy people who are intelligent and loyal but also entertaining. On the other hand, I would like to work with Kevin (DDTea) and John. The only thing here is I have worked with them a lot in the past, and I really could use some variety here. So the situation is presenting itself where we are a group of 5. On a side note, I have talked to the dinosaur guy too. His name is Devon. Not sure where he will fit in, but I could see him being an ace in the hole if something crazy happens.

I'm not sure if other people play this way, but let's say Oxy/Shred are a pair and John/Kev are a pair. I like to be that man-in-the-middle, who becomes in demand deep in the game when the decisions get tough. Sure, tons could happen between now and then, but you can never be TOO prepared in a game like this. I have had great success in big casts - like when I won Rickie's Singapore or Zuchinni's final season - so I am pretty confident I can do well here. I am not averse to adapting as the game shifts, but I will do my best to be a loyal ally to the people who do the same for me.

There are many obstacles in this game. Patience is the key. One step at a time. And other annoying cliches. Ok, let's get this game started folks. Tomination will ensue.

For a running tally, here are the people I want in the game as long as possible, that can help my game:
shred-com, Ddtea, Oxymoxanne, Braccosaurus, xxsourgumrocksxx, bria2005, Iraheto, HarleyStodden, Agent_Xero

The more of these people that make it far, the better I will be playing. This can be your Tomination Barometer. Smile


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